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❝I'm the captain of this boat❞

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released June 10, 2014

composed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Pat O'Neal

SLOW DOWN, BOY sample credit: Collective Soul – Slow (1999)
©loud❾ sample credit: Katy Perry – Wide Awake (2012)
VALENTINO (intermission) sample credit: Drake – Over My Dead Body (2011)
❝SO HIGH❞ sample credit: Gind Mode - I'm So High (2008)

Album art was a joint effort between John Mo & Hannah Hurrle

NOÖ☾ENE SAILBOAT™ emblem by Andrew Walker



all rights reserved


Noö ☾ene O'Neal Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Track Name: 3000 HP (feat. Le Real 現実)
My homie say I'm chillin at 3k But 3000 ain't what it seems, thats all I have to say It's all for show like outfits worn while on the runway For the majority of the time the heart goes one way Like a Tunnel of Love but I'm the captain of this boat Cannon fire hits me everyday but I still stay afloat Persevere as I steer into oceans all you pirates fear The water is murky to y'all but to me it's clear Crystal like a Suicune Legendary like so? We gon' see soon Clefairy; I watch the earth from the moon Planning to invade, gotta get my army up and running A general reached out and his contribution is stunning He sick with the effects and he's got some dope "connects" Once we put 'em all together surely we'll be seeing checks As if all the letters we circled were right Reflective gear in the night, brightest thing up in your sight But these suckers still try to test me Little do they know right in front me on my desk is the answer sheet I A+ every verse, A+ every beat Coulda done that when it came to school but I too busy constructing heat ... Skipping like a scratched CD Yeah thats truancy Me and class were bitter rivals like Devils & UNC Shoot, I was just doing me Blind to the consequences, the future no I couldn't see But now i do everytime that I see my reflection They want it all, they want the raw And I'm a USDA approved selection But I ain't down with the beef like a Chick fil A commercial Besides most off y'all are actors that missed the rehearsal